Wireless Communications Project

Connecting to the Future:  Information Technology to Improve Care, Enrich Lives

Plans are underway to install a new wireless infrastructure that will operate throughout the Barber National Institute, encompassing 49 Erie Group Homes.  The project includes new computer hardware and applications to enhance the quality and continuity of care for more than 200 adult residents.

Vital information is currently recorded by hand in logs that often exceed hundreds of pages and must travel with each resident as they go from their residential homes today programs or medical appointments.  Many adults have up to up to three different logs or books that detail program goals and outcomes, family information and history, medical information, dietary notes, medical appointments, and reports. 

The new capabilities will transition current paper-based records over time with electronic records and enable staff to share important information about medical issues or behavioral challenges in real-time to more effectively respond to the needs of the adults.

Wireless Communications Project | Barber National InstituteBenefits of the Program:

  • Immediate recording of vital information into CareLogic, the Barber Institute electronic health records system.
  • Ability to collect and analyze data to create more appropriate programming tailored for the individual.
  • Reduce time staff currently use to complete required documentation to enable more time to interact with residents.
  • Long-term cost savings in transitioning from the paper-based system currently in use.
  • Environmentally-friendly advancement that reduces paper, printer ink, etc.
  • Enhanced technology within the home will help bridge the “digital divide” often experienced by adults with disabilities and achieve the goal of creating a home and therapeutic setting.

Project Includes:

  • Wireless infrastructure in all group homes with higher speed internet connectivity
  • Hardware including wireless PC/tablets and printers, and routers
  • Software licenses, internet fees, etc.
  • Estimated total cost: $240,000

Special thanks to Erie Insurance for awarding a $120,000 matching grant to help fund this project.  The remaining amount will be funded through donations to the Barber Foundation.  For more information about making a donation to this project, contact Laura Schaaf, director of Giving, at 814-874-5802.   

You can support this project with a gift to the Dr. Gertrude A. Barber Technology Fund.

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