Supports Broker Services

Supports Broker Services provides assistance to individuals and their families who choose to self-direct some or all of their services. Individuals must be enrolled in an Agency with Choice program or the vendor fiscal model, Palco, in order to receive this service.

Supports Broker Services

In order to participate, a person must live in their own home or in the home of a family member and receive waiver funding. The service must be authorized in the individual’s Individual Support Plan (ISP). The Supports Broker is chosen by the participant and works for them and can assist a participant with the responsibility for managing their services. This range of supports can include:

  • Determining the services they want to self-direct
  • Providing support at team meetings
  • Explaining and providing support in completing paperwork
  • Participating in the orientation and training of new support workers
  • Helping to recruit, interview potential staff and determine a pay rate
  • Developing staff schedules
  • Assisting with staff issues as they arise
  • Working with agencies who are providing a service

In addition, the Supports Broker can assist in the identification of community resources in Erie county to support success with self-direction.  The Supports Broker does not replace their Supports Coordinator.  Supports Broker services do not go against an individual’s budget if they are enrolled in the PFDS Waiver.

For more information on Supports Broker services in Erie, contact Shayla Andrews at (814) 874-5687.

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