Behavioral Health Services at Barber National Institute

The Barber National Institute is a nationally certified, trauma-informed care community that offers a wide range of behavioral health services in both Erie and Warren, PA. These programs, available to children, adults, and families with mental health challenges, are designed to assist both individuals and families based on their unique strengths and challenges. Our dedicated staff is fully qualified and committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.

Behavioral Health Services For Children and Teens

The Barber National Institute offers a wide range of behavioral health services and mental health services for adolescents and teenagers with disabilities and mental health disorders. Browse our available programs to see how we can help your family:


Behavioral Health Services For Adults

The Barber National Institute provides Blended Case Management for adults with autism or other behavioral health challenges. This program helps affected individuals access resources in the community and advocate for support, which helps them build fuller, more enriched lives.

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