Behavioral Health Services at Barber National Institute

The Barber Behavioral Health team continues to provide services telephonically during the Covid-19 emergency. Our staff is here to ensure that families, children and adults continue to have the therapies and medication management that they need and to accept referrals for new patients. Below is contact information for our programs:

Acute Partial Hospitalization Program for children, contact Amanda Monocello at 814-323-5289

Blended Case Management Program for children and adults, contact Christine Stoker at 814-874-5680

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for children or our Forensic Outpatient Clinic, contact Kaleena Howell at 814-878-5945

Family-Based Mental Health Services for children and families, contact Christine Bible at 814-878-5970

The Barber National Institute, a Nationally Certified Trauma Informed Care Community, offers a wide range of behavioral health services for children, adults and families with mental health needs in Erie and Warren, PA. Programs are designed to meet the unique strengths and challenges for each individual and family, and our staff is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.


Behavioral Health Services For Children and Teens

The Barber National Institute offers a wide range of services for individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges from birth through adolescence and the teenage years.


Behavioral Health Services For Adults

The Barber National Institute provides Blended Case Management for adults with behavioral health challenges or autism to help access resources in the community and advocate for supports to meet a variety of needs and build fuller and more enriched lives.