Unlicensed Lifesharing

Unlicensed Lifesharing

What is Unlicensed Lifesharing?

Families are now able to serve as Lifesharing providers for a family member with an intellectual disability. Families qualifying for Unlicensed Lifesharing will receive a stipend twice a month.  The amount of the stipend may vary depending on the adult’s level of need.

Lifesharing may be the preferred option:

  • When families want to keep a loved one at home but could benefit from additional financial support.
  • When families prefer a family home in place of a group home.
  • For families receiving Autism Waiver funding.
Unlicensed Lifesharing

For Unlicensed Lifesharing, qualifying family members include:

  • Parents & Stepparents
  • Stepchild
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Siblings or half-brother/half-sister
  • Aunt, uncle, niece or nephew

Lifesharing families do not undergo licensing inspections to meet state regulations, but they must receive annual trainings

All Lifesharing families area assisted by a Program Specialist to help manage services.

Unlicensed Lifesharing

Before selecting Unlicensed Lifesharing, families should understand:

  • The adult will no longer be eligible for services through Agency With Choice. Adults can, however, continue to receive adult day services, supported employment, etc.
  • The adult will still be able to use waiver funding for camps or similar expenses.
  • The adult will continue to receive social security benefits; in accordance with federal law, a small portion of these funds will be used for Lifesharing room and board.

How Can I Get More Information?

Learn more about Unlicensed Lifesharing and how it can benefit your family. Contact Cassandra Pilarski, Lifesharing specialist, at (814) 878-4115.    

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