Vice Presidents and Directors

Vice Presidents

Bridget P. Barber

Vice President of External Affairs & Strategic Initiatives

Chris Elliott

Vice President Finance and Client Billing

Kathleen B. Fling

Vice President of Human Resources

Ron J. Jones

Vice President, Behavioral Health Services and Business Development

Jennifer L. Kennedy

Vice President Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and HIPAA

Jennifer Lawrence

Vice President Residential, Family Focused Services and LifeSharing


William A. Clark, D.Ed.

Executive Director, Bollinger Campus

Mary Cuneo

Director, Strategic Communication

Margaret Dimitriadis

Director of Intellectual Disability Services for Adults

Michael Dugan

Director, Technical Services

Traci L. Gardner

Director, Southwest Regional Programs

Thad Jackman

Director, Southeast Regional Programs

Erica L. Kensinger


Jennifer Markiewicz

Director, Residential Services

Heidi McKenrick

Director, Intellectual Disability Services for Adults

Maura A. McLaughlin

Director, Behavioral Health Services

Scott Morgan

Director, IT Application Systems

Laura R. Schaaf

Director of Giving

Jaclyn Zacherl

Director of Family Focused Services

Jeffrey B. Zibelman

Director, Children and Youth