How to Start Early Intervention

Services in Erie and Crawford County

If you are concerned about any area of your child’s development, there is help. The first step is requesting a free, independent evaluation that will be done in your home.

Early Intervention in Erie and Crawford County

Contacts to Request an Assessment

Erie County:
Call Erie County Care Management at Erie Co. Care Management Early Intervention Program - 814-878-1642. For more information, visit the ECCM services webpage.

Crawford County:
Call Crawford Co. Human Services Early Intervention Program - 814-373-2607 For more information, visit the Crawford County starting point webpage.

Choosing a Provider

If your child shows a delay in any area of development, he or she will qualify for early intervention services at no charge to you. You will then choose a service provider.

By selecting the Barber National Institute Bright Beginning Early Intervention Program, you will have access to the most qualified therapists, specialists and experts in early childhood development.


For more information or for any assistance in getting started with the Bright Beginning Early Intervention program, please contact Colleen Hanson at 814-874-5567.

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