Family Support Services

Support Services for Families

Family Support Services (FSS) at the Barber National Institute is a family-driven program that assists eligible families in selecting and purchasing allowable services that may enhance the quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Our services and programs are designed to promote and support family unity by meeting the needs of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The professional staff at the Barber National Institute works closely with each family in the shared goal of supporting individuals with Disabilities and to live as much like other families as possible.

Every family has unique needs, strengths, and preferences. This program offers an array of supports that can be flexible in meeting the changing needs of an individual and/or family. Qualifying families are able to purchase the services necessary to assist in keeping their family member with intellectual disabilities at home. Family services may include:

  • Therapies
  • Respite Care
  • Recreation
  • Sitter Companion
  • Payee Counseling

For more information about Family Support Services, call Diane Krasinski at 814-878-5931

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