Community Participation Support

The Community Participation Support program (CPS) at the Barber National Institute enables adults with intellectual disabilities to become more involved in their community through activities that interest them.

Community Participation Support - Adult Day Activities

Community Participation Support Goals

Community Participation Support programs focus on:

  • Experiencing meaningful community participation and inclusion
  • Increasing the potential for employment
  • Increasing independence
  • Building natural supports
  • Developing and sustaining a range of valued social roles and relationships

Program Locations

Community Participation Support programs are located at

  • 99 East Avenue and 101 East Avenue in Erie
  • 2084 W. 16th St. in Millcreek
  • 5114 Iroquois Ave. in Harborcreek
  • 1126 Lake St. in Girard
  • 670 Sciota St. in Corry
  • Lakeside Senior Center at 1803 East Lake Rd. provides services designed for older adults.

The scheduled hours are generally Monday through Friday
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Activities vary by site, but may include paid work opportunities, vocational skill development and career exploration, community access, volunteering, leisure activities, social skill development, academic skill instruction, current event awareness, relaxation techniques, and instruction in personal hygiene/grooming.

As directed by PA regulation, activities take place in the surrounding community to the greatest extent possible. Individuals are encouraged to participate in community activities for at least 25% of the week unless they: receive CPS services less than 12 hours a week; have medical limitations; have mental health or behavioral issues that would put them or others at risk; or choose not to.

For more information on our day programs for adults with developmental disabilities, contact Heidi McKenrick at 814-878-5920.

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