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Club Erie is a community-based service is designed to help adults with intellectual disabilities acquire, maintain and improve skills while accessing their community, building friendships and having fun. The caring and energetic staff at Club Erie works with adults either individually or in small groups to support them in achieving goals identified in their Individual Supports Plan (ISP) such as: participating in activities of interest, learning skills, volunteering or increasing socialization skills through experiences with others. Four levels of support are available, ranging from 1:1 to 1:6 staff -to- consumer ratios.

While all activities take place in the community, Club Erie offers two gathering sites conveniently located to serve Erie's west and eastside: West 12th Street and 1358 East 12th Street. Opportunities are also available in the Girard and Corry area.

Services are currently offered Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Opportunities may be provided other days/times when possible.

Activities primarily fall within the seven following areas:

  • Community Awareness/Resources/Access
  • Social/Communication
  • Cultural Arts
  • Wellness/Personal Adjustment
  • Motor skills/Mobility
  • Professional Development/Volunteering
  • Activities of Daily Living

Experiences that are offered by Club Erie for adults with intellectual disabilities

  • Basic Skills- Enhance reading, writing, math, money and time-telling skills using experimental learning

  • Out to Lunch - Learn about and experience various areas to increase adaptive skills needed to live more independently in their community; learn skills needed to decide location; purchase and complete meal independently; learn table manners and appropriate procedures (tipping, money management, social skills etc.).

  • Basketball - Learn skills and rules of the game; learn how to find local game schedules, game locations and how to access games as a spectator. Participate as able in motor skill development.

  • Professionalism - Through group interaction and role-playing, gain an understanding of appropriate behavior on the job; discuss prior work experience and visit local businesses in the community to learn about various work opportunities and positions for future vocational goals; become aware of necessary job search skills.

Club Erie Volunteering

Club Erie Volunteering

  • Bowling - Develop skill and learn the procedure for bowling at bowling lanes; learn about bowling leagues (location, scheduled league nights, the procedure to join a league, etc.).

  • Social Skills - Discussions regarding appropriate behavior, conversation and interactive skills with others.

  • Computers - Become familiar with operating a computer, and accessing information available on the computer; learn locations of computers for public use.

  • Tours - Experience and learn to access various establishments in the community as well as for increased knowledge of the community.

  • Volunteerism - Learn about the value of volunteer work as a social activity; experience a work setting, improve various skills, and increase social networking.

  • Cooking - Develop cooking skills by learning to read recipes, recognize measuring utensils, obtain ingredients needed and prepare food items; learn of and access various instructional cooking classes in the community.
  • Swimming - Develop various skills and techniques; gain knowledge of how to access local sites available for swimming.

  • Crafts - Learn how to make various arts and crafts while socializing with others, as well as where to obtain needed materials; also learn about various craft class locations in the community.

  • Library - Explore public libraries and gain knowledge on how to locate and check out items within the library.

  • Wellness - Gain knowledge of general mental and physical health improvement and maintenance through group discussions and participation in activities and exercise.

  • Community Access - Gain an understanding of various community resources including theaters, Tom Ridge Center and local parks; improve skills necessary to live in the community and live more independently and participate in community life.

For more information about Club Erie for adults and seniors,
contact Jenifer Gross at (814) 878-4141.

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