Family-Based Mental Health Services in Erie and Warren

Family-Based Mental Health Services in Erie and Warren

Family-Based Mental Health Services is an intensive, in-home therapy for children and adolescents with qualifying behavioral health diagnoses including autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and their families. The service is provided in Erie and in Warren-Forest counties.

The outcome of Family Based Therapy is to stabilize the family environment. Our therapists focus on helping families understand their child's diagnosis, implement positive behavioral plans and interventions in the home environment, and encourage the development of healthy family relationships. Family goals are developed and supported following thorough assessments of the family. A comprehensive treatment plan is developed and monitored with the family and interventions are implemented by highly trained staff.

Family-Based Mental Health Services:

  • Involves a team of therapists offering Structural Family Therapy in the home two to five times a week.
  • The Family-Based Therapy Team can assist with families with case management needs.
  • The program provides an intensive behavioral approach using Applied Behavioral Analysis, the "gold standard" technique for changing negative or destructive behaviors.
  • Treatment may include individual, family, sibling or marital therapies.
  • The Family Based program also offers 24-hour crisis on-call services seven days a week, as well as Family Support Services to assist in funding respite care and other supportive services.

For more information about our personalized, intensive & therapeutic Family Based Mental Health Service for children & adolescents with behavioral health needs, contact Christine Stoker at 814-878-5970.

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