Happy Hearts Childcare

Early Childhood Education Program in Erie, PA

Our Happy Hearts childcare and preschool, an early childhood education program at Barber National Institute, provides state-of-the-art educational experiences where all preschool children can learn and grow. Full or part-time preschool enrollment is available and based on family preference.  

Happy Hearts Preschool in Erie, PA

Happy Hearts preschool benefits from over 60 years of experience that the Barber National Institute has as a leader in education. This Keystone Stars 4 Certified program offers a progressive, innovative curriculum that encourages the development of creativity, self-direction, positive peer interactions and communication. Our experience in individualized education allows us to guide each child toward his or her potential. We also have childcare available from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Preschool Tuition Information

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Payment of one daily fee entitles the child to a full day of services, from our opening to closing time.  (7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • We accept private payment by check, money order or credit card.
  • We accept subsidy from Pennsylvania Childcare Works and payment from the Office of Children & Youth Purchases

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available for our preschool program. Contact Kathy Bastow at 814-878-4026 for more information on scholarships.

Happy Hearts Inclusive Preschool

Annual Calendar of Service Days

  • Childcare for preschool-aged students is offered before and after each day of the preschool calendar.
  • Happy Hearts preschool child care is closed on major holidays celebrated by the Barber National Institute.

Meals and Snacks

  • Both breakfast and lunch are provided.

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