Pre-Employment Transition Services

How do you Plan for Employment after Graduation?

The Barber National Institute is partnering with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to provide Pre-Employment Transition Services for Students. This new program helps students with disabilities who want to start planning for future employment while they are still in school. The program offers two new opportunities:


Services are available to students with a disability who have an IEP or 504 plan and are between 14 - 21 years old.  Classes are led by staff with training and experience in Employment Services. Topics include:

  • Self-Advocacy Training
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Workplace Readiness with lessons designed for future competitive integrated employment.

One-on-one Job Shadowing and Transportation Assessments

Job Shadowing – opportunities for students to try out jobs in their areas of interest.  Students receive:

  • Hands-on unpaid work experience at local businesses
  • One-on-one assistance and assessments with trained Employment Specialists

Transportation Assessments - an Individualized exploration of transportation options and plan development to help students with future decisions pertaining to realistic career opportunities.

The Employment Specialist will explore all possible transportation options specific to the students’ residence including LIFT or taxi service, bus routes, carpooling/ride-sharing, family, and natural support options.  They will also research and discuss associated costs and any funding to support transportation.  All information, including future employment search areas and businesses, will be compiled in a final report.

These Pre-Employment Transition Services are available for students approved for OVR services and can be requested by parents/guardians or the school. OVR’s Early Reach Coordinators can guide the referral process for interested students.

Pre-Employment Transition Services - One-on-one Job Shadowing and Transportation Services


For more information on Pre-Employment Transition Services for Students, please contact
Maggie Dimitriadis, Director IDS Services at  814-874-5517 or Violetta Galustyan Operations Specialist for Supported Employment at 814-878-4143.

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