Community Pool at The Barber National Institute

***We are evaluating plans for the reopening of the pool to the community; please check back for updates

In addition to serving children and adults of the Institute, the pool has a widely varied program for the community.  From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, an Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Exercise Program is conducted.  There is an Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructor in the water and the exercises we use to benefit all patrons as well as those who suffer from arthritis pain and immobility.

Community Pool at The Barber National Institute

This state-of-the-art facility has a movable floor that rises to the level of the deck and lowers to 4 1/2 feet.  No patron has difficulty entering and exiting the water and will not be in water deeper than them. We have a wide variety of equipment and floatation aids that can be used to enhance the enjoyment of swimming.

The average pool temperature is 90 degrees which are soothing and therapeutic for body aches and pains. Waterproof chairs are also available and for wheelchair-bound patrons to help them enter the water with ease and use our shower facilities. The Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program is on-going. You may view our current schedule below.

Learn-to-Swim Lessons with American Red Cross Certified Instructors

All are welcome in the classes. Any child or adult with special needs may join a swim class as long as they have the ability to be in a class setting with up to seven others and one instructor.

  • $65.00 / 8-week session for non-members. (This fee is applied to any membership if you wish to continue with lessons starting with the next session.)
  • $15.00 / Private Lessons
  • $20.00 / Semi-Private Lessons


Community Pool at The Barber National Institute


  • $240.00 / Single – annual (includes all 6 sessions)
  • $500.00 / Family – annual (includes all 6 sessions)

Arthritis Aquatics, Adult Open Exercise, Deep H2O Exercise

  • $5.00 / 1 hour swim. 
  • $32.00 for 8 visits (=$4.00 / visit)
  • $52.00 for 16 visits (=$3.25 / visit)
  • $66.00 for 24 visits (=$2.75 / visit)

Discount cards available.

Family Swim

  • $5.00 / 1-hour swim. 

Discount cards may be used.
Members – no charge.

Community Pool at The Barber National Institute

Pool & Gym Rentals

  • $75.00 / hour – pool and 2 lifeguards
  • $50.00 / hour – gym 

Children under 6 years of age:

  • Must be accompanied by an adult in the pool at all times.
  • Swim for FREE during family swim.

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