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Elizabeth Lee Black School

School Snow Day Update

The Elizabeth Lee Black School has updated its policy regarding snow days.  Historically, whenever the Erie School District closed for a snow day the Elizabeth Lee Black School would also close.  Moving forward, if the Erie School District closes for a snow day, or calls for a virtual day due to weather, the Elizabeth Lee Black School will hold classes by offering a 100% virtual learning day. There will be no in-person instruction offered on that day in the classroom. This policy will be in effect for all programs, including the Happy Hearts Child Care.

If the Elizabeth Lee Black School is open but a family resides in a surrounding district that closes for a snow day, the family will have the choice to participate in a virtual learning day or find other means of transportation to school as their district will not be providing transportation.

If families have any questions, they are encouraged to call the school office at 814-878-4052.

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Elizabeth Lee Black School

 If the school is closed: 

  • Students, teachers, assistants will not report
  • All twelve-month employees will report
  • Happy Hearts Childcare will be open (only closes when entire Institute closes)
  • All Institute activities will be canceled the day of the closing.
  • Days missed due to inclement weather will be rescheduled and you will be sent an updated calendar.
  • Parents are advised to use discretion in sending children to school if they think weather conditions necessitate it. In such cases, absences will be excused absences.
  • The school will not be dismissed early due to inclement weather except in the case of a declared city-wide emergency.
  • If schools are dismissed early due to emergency conditions, all employees will remain at work to assist children.
  • Whenever the Erie School District is closed, the Elizabeth Lee Black School will also be closed.

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Mask Policy Continues

With the CDC relaxing mask recommendations on Friday, many staff and families have asked how this might affect the mask requirements at the Barber National Institute.

The CDC guidelines issued on Feb. 25 acknowledge, however, that many populations, including persons with disabilities, are at a higher risk for experiencing serious illness or death from an infection. 

As an Approved Private School, we have established a mask policy that acknowledges that many of our students are medically fragile. 

Given the vulnerability of the students we serve, our current masking requirement will remain in place for students, staff, and visitors to our school.  Our policies are reviewed and updated frequently and established after consideration of guidelines from the CDC and other health-related agencies.  

One of the reasons that mask mandates were enacted was to reduce the overwhelming strain on health care facilities as Covid infections spiked in many communities.  The CDC amended its guidelines as infection levels have fallen across the country due to a rise in vaccination and booster rates as well as natural immunity among persons who have recovered from the virus.

We appreciate the cooperation of all of our staff, families, and visitors in complying with the mask requirement and in helping us work together to ensure the safety of the children we care for and serve.

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