Education Services at Barber National Institute

The Barber National Institute offers a variety of educational programs and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. Some of the programs and services we offer include early intervention, early childhood program, autism services and more.



 Bright Beginning Early Intervention

The Bright Beginning Early Intervention program provides a variety of supportive services and therapies for children from birth to age 3 to help them learn and grow during this important time in their development.

+ Family Centered Service Delivery

+ Commitment to Meeting the Needs of Families

+ Specialized and Experienced Staff




Early Childhood Programs

Our early childhood programs include day care for typical children and students with disabilities as well as preschools and deaf programs.

+ Happy Hearts Preschool

+ Early Intervention Preschool

+ PreK Counts

+ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program


 Elizabeth Lee Black School

The Elizabeth Lee Black School offers a range of educational program choices designed to help all children achieve their greatest potential. 

+ Autism Support Program

+ Life Skills / Multiple Disabilities Program

+ Children's Mental Health Partial Program

+ Therapy & Support Services

+ Extended School Year




 Kids on the Block

Kids on the Block is a free puppet show to increase children's understanding about disabilities. The show travels around to different groups of kids, with and without disabilities, to teach them about differences in people.

The best part is that everyone, both kids and adults, can learn from each of the Kids on the Block.




 Autism Insight

Follow All About Autism, a blog by Dr. Maureen Barber-Carey, which is a great source for updates, advances, and information on everything autism.

Get your copy of Effective Instruction for Children with Autism, a manual and DVD that offers a reference guide with step-by-step instructions.

Learn more in this overview about the Autism Spectrum.

View all of the Autism Services, for both children and adults, available at the Barber National Institute.