Bright Beginning Early Intervention (Birth to Age 3)

Services in Erie and Crawford County

Our Bright Beginning Early Intervention program provides a variety of supportive services and therapies for children from birth to age three to help them learn and grow during this important time in their development. We are also committed to providing loving support to families who are important members of our team.

When children face a challenge, early intervention therapy and services do make a difference. Every day, we provide evaluation and treatment for children who may have:

  • Autism
  • Developmental delays
  • Deafness and Hearing Impairments
  • Emotional and Behavioral difficulties
  • Health and dietary concerns affecting development     
  • Oral-motor and feeding problems
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sensory-processing concerns
  • Sleeping Concerns
  • Speech and Language delays
  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)
  • Vision Impairments


Bright Beginning Early Intervention (Birth to Age 3) in Erie and Crawford County

Family-Centered Service Delivery

We strengthen and support the entire family as we meet each challenge together. Parents are important and integral members of their child's Bright Beginning Early Intervention team, and we listen carefully and closely to their concerns, questions, and preferences. We provide all assessment and intervention in the child's natural, day-to-day environments and with respect for the family's routines and cultural preferences.

We assist families in developing an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that addresses their priorities and dreams for their child. Whether the parents need educational or emotional support, we are here to help. It is our goal to enable the parents to gain information and strategies they need to confidently guide their young child's participation in all aspects of the family's life.

Commitment to Meeting the Needs of Families

Because today's families are busy, we make receiving services as easy as possible. Our Early Intervention professionals are highly flexible, team players who provide immediate service delivery following your child's referral. All Bright Beginning Early Intervention services are provided where they are most convenient for the family, including the home, child care program or other community settings.

The Barber National Institute combines a national reputation with a philosophy of personal service. Early Intervention programs are individualized for each child and family, whether they require short-term support or more intensive services for an extended period of time.

Bright Beginning Early Intervention (Birth to Age 3) in Erie and Crawford County

Our Early Intervention Staff Includes:

Over 250 years of combined experience working with children with developmental disabilities.

  • Speech Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Bilingual Therapists
  • Developmental Teachers/Specialists
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Licensed School psychologist
  • Registered Dietician/Nutritionist 

What do others say about Bright Beginning Early Intervention?

"From the first day, I felt everyone really cared.  Their help made a huge difference not only for my children but for the whole family."


For more information on how the Bright Beginning Early Intervention program can help your infant or toddler, please contact us at 814-874-5671.

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Early Intervention FAQs

How do I know if my child qualifies for early intervention?

If there is a concern about development, the child will first receive a free multidisciplinary evaluation.

Children from birth to age 3 years (infants and toddlers) would be eligible if they have a 25% delay in one or more areas of development; a known physical or mental condition that has a high probability of developmental delay; or a determination by a specialist of a delay, otherwise called informed clinical opinion.

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