Gain Independence with Supported Employment

Philadelphia, PA

Supported Employment for Adults with Disabilities
Barber National Institute offers Supported Employment services to help you locate and train for employment in the community and help area employers find reliable, well-trained employees for their workforce.
Designed to help individuals gain a new level of independence, our Supported Employment Services focus on real work experiences in Philadelphia. The Supported Employment program is designed to identify and provide:
  • Community Based Work Assessment- establishes job readiness, targets appropriate job matches, and recommends supports necessary to secure and maintain employment in the community. 
  • Job Development - provides training and assistance in all phases of the job search, including creating a resume, completing job applications, developing interview skills, contacting potential employers, analyzing potential employment sites and reviewing specific job responsibilities prior to placement.
  • Job Coaching - on-site job training including intensive training (100% on-site support), fading (gradual reduction of on-site support), follow-along (periodic visits to monitor progress) and re-intervention (additional training for new tasks or to improve skills). Off-site training for continued development of work-related skills, social skills, money management and transportation training.
With the support of our trained staff, adults interested in employment are matched with a job coach to assist them in reaching their goal. The Supported Employment job coaches assist in creating a job development plan based on the individual’s interests, skills, and past vocational experience.
All services are provided at no cost to employers.
In Philadelphia, PA, individuals have secured jobs in areas such as customer service, food service, sales, housekeeping and material handling through Barber National Insitute's Supported Employment program.





Employers have the confidence that they're hiring loyal,
dependable and well-trained employees.
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