Community-Based Respite Care Services for Adults

Community-Based Respite Care Services for Adults

Barber National Institute Residential Services Respite Care Program is designed to provide temporary day or overnight care in a home-like atmosphere for children and adults who reside in Erie County.

Caregivers and families often need a break from caregiving for planned events such as vacations and unplanned events such as an emergency, family crisis, or hospitalization. Individuals that reside in Erie County can receive up to 30 days of respite care service per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30.)

Respite Care services are provided in a specially modified community home designed to accommodate the varied needs of individuals. Respite Care staff have been trained to work effectively with individuals who have developmental disabilities. 

Respite Care is a licensed program and follows Department of Public Welfare Chapter 6400 Regulations. Referrals are made through Case Management Support Services.

To find out more information about our community-based Respite Care services and how we can assist individuals with developmental disabilities & their families when they need temporary home support, call our Erie office at 814- 878-4099.  You may also contact Amy Amidon at 814-878-4170.

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