Community Participation Support Services

Bollinger Campus in Warren, PA

Bollinger’s Community Participation Support Services are designed to provide individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities the opportunities and support for community inclusion and skill development for potential competitive integrated employment. Services are planned according to each individual’s interests, preferences, strengths while reflecting on his/her desired outcomes related to employment, community involvement and community membership. This service is intended to support community life secondary to employment, as a primary goal.

Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Support activities include:

  • Adult Training Facility to develop skills and competencies necessary to pursue competitive integrated employment
  • Participation in community activities, organizations or clubs to develop social networks
  • Participation in activities that provide purpose and responsibility (banking, grocery shopping, cooking)
  • Community activities promoting hobbies/cultural interests/leisure (dancing, YMCA, art classes)
  • Fine and gross motor development/mobility (walking, biking, bowling, swimming, sewing, beading)
  • Adult learning activities in the community (local presentations of interest, classes at Hi-Ed)
  • Community volunteer opportunities (Humane Society, Rouse, Audubon Society)
  • Training and education for self-determination/self-advocacy
  • Learning to navigate the community using public/private transportation
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with members of the broader community through natural opportunities or invitations that may occur (Lunch with a community friend/acquaintance, meeting a friend at the theater or event)

Bollinger strives to provide supports within this program that are individualized, flexible and tailored to fit each participant's needs. It is our hope that through participation in this service the individual is able to learn how to self-advocate, make choices and be more involved in the community around them.

Individuals may contact their Supports Coordinator about eligibility to receive funding for this service from the Forest-Warren Counties Department of Human Services at (814) 726-2100.

For more information about Community Participation Support Services, please call Kim Nowell, Rehabilitation Supervisor, (814) 723-8431, Ext. 119.

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Community Participation Supports