Community Activities

At the Lakeside Senior Center of the Barber National Institute in Erie, PA, individuals learn appropriate social skills and safety awareness by participating in various planned community activities.

Individuals are exposed to historical, educational, and recreational events and places in their community. Appreciation of community, enhanced social etiquette, and most important, the opportunity for choices, are the focuses of these outings. 

The Lakeside Senior Center offers a wide variety of community outings for seniors with developmental disabilities including:

  • Tours
  • Museums
  • Visits to local restaurants
  • Library
  • Art shows/galleries
  • Concerts
  • Mass and spiritual activities at local churches
  • Picnics
  • Shopping
  • Walks in the community

For more information on our day programs for seniors with developmental disabilities and how to get involved, contact Heidi McKenrick at or call her at 814-878-5920.