Relators Support Barber National Institute Mission

Posted on June 27th, 2024 at 6:04 PM
Relators Support Barber National Institute Mission

“As a runner, a realtor and a lover of a quirky athletic challenge, the concept of “every single street” really spoke to me. What a great way to familiarize myself with the city neighborhoods, improve my running abilities and do something that no other Erie-ite (I don’t think?!) has done before,” said DeMarco on her Instagram @MegKDemarco. 

DeMarco began hitting the streets in Sept of 2023 and had completed about 40 city miles when she broke her fibula (leg) bone and displaced her ankle. Post-recovery, she has picked up where she left off, determined to complete this goal. 
“I’m inviting everyone to follow along as I run the streets and document the hidden gems I find along the way. I’ll be recapping some of the runs I’ve completed and the photos I’ve taken on my social media accounts soon. You can also follow me on Strava to see all my previous runs.” 
DeMarco is raising funds to support the mission of Barber National Institute-. “As a former employee, I know firsthand the incredible services that Barber National Institute provides to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  It was an easy decision to select Barber National Institute as this year’s nonprofit. “ 

In addition, DeMarco and realtor partner Stacy Santos are using their superpower of selling homes in Erie, PA to make dreams come true for Barber National Institute adults and children. The RE/MAX duo have supported Barber National Institute for years and now will donate $100 for every home sold in 2024 to help support Barber National Institute’s mission. 

Learn more about DeMarco's journey or make a donation at Every Single Street Erie (