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Staff Recognized for Service Milestones
Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 9:03 AM

The Barber National Institute recently recognized longstanding employees who celebrated service anniversaries. 

The employees include Jacqueline Seib who marked 45 years of service, and James Kuruc who celebrated a 35-year anniversary.    Employees celebrating 35 years of service include Pamela Tylwalk,  Judson Abbey, Anne DeLuca, Pamela Goetz, Susan Hutcheson, Marcella Plonski, Wendy Sadlier and Melanie Hetrick.  

Marking 30 year anniversaries are Joetta Tassotti, Andrea Smelko and Sandra DiMattio.

Twenty-five year anniversaries were celebrated by Frank Fecko, Patrick Lorei, Jeremy Pier, Melissa Burke, Gayle Curcio, Jane Hilbert, Louanne Popowicz and Sheila Morrow.

Celebrating 20 year anniversaries were Michelle Geisler, Stephen Colvin, Andrew Rupp, Judy Yaple, David Ziacik, Susan Hill, Yvonne Lesonik, Heidi McKenrick, Jacqueline Honey, Susan Flack and Pat Schmitt. 


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