Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

BHRS in Pittsburgh

The Barber National Institute began offering Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) in Allegheny County in 2010.  These family-centered services are developed for children and adolescents facing social, emotional and behavioral challenges.

What is BHRS?

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) is a short-term, intensive program for children up to age 21.  This program is designed to therapeutically support the child and family. Children receive a comprehensive psychological evaluation that will highlight areas of strengths, as well as areas of concern and need.  An interagency team meeting (ISPT) will bring together family members and supports, as well as school and community representatives that work with the child and family. 

Developing a Plan

After looking at all areas of the child’s life, an individualized therapy plan is developed to address challenging behaviors where they are occurring. These may include the home, school or community environment. As a result of the psychological evaluation and ISPT meeting, clinical services (such as Mobile Therapy, Behavioral Specialist Consultant, and Therapeutic Staff Support) may be deemed medically necessary.  These services are therapeutic interventions prescribed to assist the child and family in addressing challenging behaviors.


The Barber National Institute specializes in working with children and families diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We also serve children with other mental health diagnoses and/or behavioral concerns. Parents work with a team of skilled professionals to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet a child’s needs.

The team will also work closely with family members and teachers so that all caregivers are working together to develop the same skills. We will offer consistent, effective, research-based strategies to foster positive behaviors.  The Barber National Institute collects and tracks measurable data to demonstrate positive behavior changes.

Offices for the BHRS program are located at:

35 Wilson Street
Suite 103
Pittsburgh, PA 15223
(Located in the Etna Technical Center)
Phone: 412-772-6947
Fax: 412-772-6954

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BHRS in Pittsburgh, PA