Adult Journeys Program

Journey through a variety of programs offered by the Barber National Institute.


Barber National Institute Adult Journeys Program

Journeys began in 2012 to offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to experience a wide range of programs of their choosing with the support of enhanced staffing where needed. Traditionally, adults would commit to a particular day service that they would attend every day. With Journeys, participants can “journey” through a variety of programs offered by the Barber National Institute for the length of time that suits their interests and abilities, providing them with the ultimate choice and control.

Each day, adults can choose from the following experiences:

  • Community Outings – experiences planned for each individual, or collaboration on a group outing (such as bowling)

  • Prevocational Services – opportunities to acquire basic work skills while earning a paycheck

  • Technology

  • Art

The Journeys Program has been especially successful for adults who prefer to experience a lot of variety in their daily schedules, as well as those who require more intensive treatment for challenging behaviors who have not been successful in standard day programs.

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