Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) & Childhood Traumatic Grief Therapy (CTGT)

Childhood Trauma Services

TF-CBT is a BHRS program designed to treat emotional and behavioral problems in children with a qualifying mental health or high functioning ASD diagnosis who have experienced traumatic events, grief and loss. Services are provided in the community by master’s level counselors with special training focused on trauma and grief in children.

Traumatic Events can include:

• Physical Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Loss
• Multiple foster placements
• Divorce/Blended Families
• Housing Transitions
• Loss of Friend, Relationship, etc.
• Witnessing Domestic Violence
• Natural Disaster
• Significant Illness

Childhood Traumatic Grief includes:

• Normal Grief or Mourning
• Unresolved or Delayed Grief
• Grief Associated with Sudden Loss

How do Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior & Childhood Traumatic Grief Therapies Work?

• Encourage children to share and process traumatic experiences
• Promote dialogue between parent and child
• Make connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors
• Develop personalized stress management skills
• Identify means of coping with a range of emotions
• Help parents develop skills for optimizing their child’s emotional and behavioral adjustment
• Modify unhealthy or negative behaviors

How does a child begin trauma focused therapy?

• Open to children ages 3-21 with a qualifying mental health or high functioning ASD diagnosis who have experienced trauma.
• Participants must be approved through the BHRS process.
• Trauma Focused and Grief Therapy is recommended through a psychological or psychiatric evaluation.


For additional information on how trauma therapy at the Barber National Institute can help your child overcome emotional & behavioral issues, contact Paul Haupt at 814-878-5945 or