Students Experience Dance

Posted on February 21st, 2014 at 8:24 PM
Students Experience Dance

Students in the Elizabeth Lee Black School learned about the beauty of dance recently during a visit with  members of the Erie Dance Conservatory Company.  Twenty dancers ages 9-18 demonstrated hip hop, ballet and other forms of dance.

Then, it was time for students to join in.  Dancers worked with students to learn about a basic fundamental of dance—the idea of movement through space.  Then, they all came together for “freeze dancing,” where youngsters and dancers swayed, jumped and twirled along with a song.  As soon as the music stopped, the group froze in place.

“We want people to understand that dance is something that everyone can enjoy—it truly is a universal language,” said Sarah Purvis, artistic director of the conservatory.  “No matter what your ability, you can express yourself through some kind of movement.” 

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