Students conquer 'mini-Beast'

Posted on April 30th, 2014 at 6:55 PM
Students conquer 'mini-Beast'

Throughout the week, our students in the Elizabeth Lee Black School have been taking on their own version of the Barber Beast on the Bay.

While the official Barber Beast on the Bay doesn’t take place until September 6, students took on and conquered their own Beast – a “mini-Beast,” an elaborate obstacle course in the gym that features 10 different obstacles.

The mini-Beast on the Bay is accessible for all, regardless of age or physical ability. All of the obstacles are focused on nautical themes, including a cannon ball relay race, a frog hop with lily pads on mats, and a scooter that “surfs the rapids.”

Many of the obstacles have electronic switches that students can push to receive instructions or positive reinforcement for their success.

The elaborate decorations include a ship with a steering wheel and a “Don’t Give Up the Ship” flag that can be raised and lowered by students.   

All children receive a sticker when they finish, and can explore a large hand-made beast that offers a variety of textures for tactile experiences.  Different textures include silk for the head, rough tiles for teeth, bubble wrap for the belly, buttons and pompoms for the back and shapes on the tail.

The event is taking place under a 30’ sail with the image of the beast suspended from the Gym ceiling.

The obstacle course was developed and constructed by physical education teacher Ross Moore and a team of teachers and physical therapists from the Elizabeth Lee Black School.

Congratulations to all of our mini-Beast champions!

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