Mercyhurst Presents Award

Posted on March 29th, 2022 at 6:00 PM

The Barber National Institute received the Archbishop Oscar Romero Award from Mercyhurst University for “living the call of faith and justice in an extraordinary manner." In accepting the award, Executive Vice President Dr. Maureen Barber-Carey discussed the founding of the organization by Dr. Gertrude Barber amid a time when persons with disabilities were largely excluded from society. “Throughout our history, we have been committed to the concept of social justice in the equitable treatment of people with disabilities. Our progress toward this ideal was slow initially and was not without its unique challenges, but today the Barber National Institute serves as a beacon for those who are committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities,” said Dr. Barber-Carey

This marks the 30th year for the award named in honor of now Saint Oscar Romero who gave his life fighting for the poor and marginalized in El Salvador.

Photo:  Dr. Maureen Barber-Carey, center, accepts the Archbishop Oscar Romero Award presented by Mercyhurst University.  Joining her at left is Dr. Verna Marina Ehret, Professor and Chair, the Department of Religious Studies; and Dr. Kathleen  A. Getz, right, president of Mercyhurst University.