Employment Awards Presented

Posted on October 18th, 2012 at 7:19 PM

Staff in Supported Employment congratulate several adults who have recently been hired at jobs in the community: Vincent Loomis, now working at Country Tavern; Cassie Pilarski,  Program Specialist; Rebecca Tomczak, hired at Wendy's; Shantell Pulliam, hired at the Barber National Institute Senior Center; Brian Mehler, hired at KFC; Kim Forrester, Transitional Team Leader; and Robert O'Day, working at Pro Floor Care.


“Have a good attitude.”

“Be patient and courteous.”

“Never give up.”

These were some of the words of advice shared by adults who have recently found jobs in the community.  Their remarks were delivered during an awards presentation held on Tuesday, Oct. 16 for participants in the Transitional Work Service and Supported Employment programs at the Barber National Institute. 

Five adults who have been hired within the past several months were recognized at the presentation.  In addition, other adults in the Transitional Work Service were recognized for their accomplishments, such as steady attendance and willingness to undertake new responsibilities.

One adult, Rebecca Tomczak, talked about the support she received on her journey to employment.  “Three months ago, I would have said that finding a job was the hardest thing in the world,” said Rebecca.  “But my job coach said there is a job with my name on it, and she was right.”

Rebecca was recently hired at Wendy’s Restaurant, where she enjoys waiting on customers at the drive thru and the front counter.  She expressed her gratitude to Program Specialist Cassie Pilarski for her encouragement. “I want to thank Cassie for always believing in me,” said Rebecca.  “I would never have had the will and determination to stand on my own two feet without her.”

The awards program is held annually in October, which is proclaimed National Disability Employment Awareness Month.