Maureen   Barber-Carey, Ed.D.

Maureen Barber-Carey, Ed.D.

Maureen Barber-Carey, Ed.D., has served as a classroom aide, teacher, supervisor, and director throughout a long career with the Barber National Institute and the School District of the City of Erie. She currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of the Barber National Institute. Dr. Barber-Carey spearheaded the development of programs for children with autism in the early 1990's, and continues to provide administrative support and guidance to the staff of the Elizabeth Lee Black School. She has served on numerous state-wide committees and task forces directed at improving services for children in Pennsylvania. She was also appointed by Governor Rendell to serve as the Northwest Regional Chair of the Governor's Commission on Children and Families, and serves on PNC Bank's National Advisory Board for their Growing Up Great program. Dr. Barber-Carey holds a bachelor's degree from St. Mary's College of Notre Dame, a master's degree from the University of Missouri, and a doctorate in Education from Columbia University.  Read Dr. Barber-Carey's blog here.