Art Show Donation

The Jay & Mona Kang Art Show & Sale offers the best of both worlds - a hybrid experience! The exhibit will be held at the Barber National Institute for those wishing to see and experience the art in person as well as online for those who want to browse from the comfort of home.

Support the mission of the Barber National Institute with a gift of $25 or more and receive recognition during the show, an exclusive invitation to the Artist & Donor Reception on April 4 and have early online access. 

Yes, I would like to support the Art Show at the Barber National Institute with a gift:

  Art Show - Champion - $1,000      
  Art Show - Dream Maker - $500      
  Art Show - Benefactor - $250      
  Art Show - Patron - $100      
  Art Show - Friend of the Arts - $50      
  Art Show - Supporter - $25      
  Art Show - Other      Please write-in amount at right.

Other Amount


Questions about making a donation? You may also call the Barber National Institute at (814) 874-5802. Thank you for your interest in supporting the Art Show & Sale at the Barber National Institute.