You Can Build a Better Tomorrow

You have a unique opportunity to help adults build employment skills, develop artistic abilities and other recreational activities, and receive medical monitoring and care.  The Barber National Institute has embarked on a $4.2 million expansion and renovation to our main campus and to new satellite sites in the community.  Your donation will help to create positive physical spaces and provide an environment to foster growth, quality and innovation.
New Adult Day Proram EnteranceAs a supporter of our mission, we hope that you will play a role in this project that will benefit adults and families for years to come.

With your gift, you will help adult day programs evolve to focus on job training and expanded opportunities, as well as better integrate vital behavioral health and medical services.  For the adult day complex, often referred to as Buildings 99 and 101, this is the first major renovation since the buildings were constructed in 1982.

Investing in ErieInvesting in Erie

While the project improves the experience for the adults and staff who use the programs every day, it also reflects the Barber National Institute’s on-going investment in Erie and commitment to our Bayfront home.  The renovation, which includes a welcoming green space on East Avenue, enhances stability in the area and brings new revitalization to the lower East Side neighborhood.

This investment includes the following enhancements:
        • Complete renovation of adult day services facilities to foster more individualized skill development
        • Expansion of nursing suite to better meet complex medical needs
        • Redesign to facilitate safer pick up and drop off of our adults
        • Development of three satellite sites to promote greater community inclusion    
        • Completion of second floor in the north complex to accommodate growing number of early intervention and behavioral health staff

Your donation is extremely important because it will transform facilities that are utilized by hundreds of adults every day as they work toward more productive and fulfilling lives.  Every gift is valued and appreciated.  

We would like to recognize the generosity of our major donors with opportunities to name the new facilities.  Naming rights would provide an enduring tribute to a donor, loved one, or family member and be a visible reminder of the role that you and other generous patrons play in the future of our organization and our community.

For more details about how the renovation project is helping adults learn new skills, read coverage in the Erie Times-News.

Naming Opportunities

Adult Day Services Building (101 East Avenue) - $100,000    

Adult Dev. Services Building (99 East Avenue) - $100,000

Medical & Nursing Suite - $25,000

Atrium/Lobby - $25,000

Employment Skills Training Center - $20,000

Fine Arts Studio     - $20,000

Botany Center     - $15,000

East Avenue Park/Green space - $15,000

Conference Rooms - $5,000

Become part of this transformation. Contact Laura Schaaf, Director of Giving, at 814-874-5802  for more information.

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